Sungwoo Bang
Designer based in New York City

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Sungwoo Bang is a designer based in New York City. His discipline extends across User Interface, Product Design, Visual Design and Art Direction. Since graduating from the School of Visual Arts in NYC in 2014, he has been working as UI/Product Designer at Havas New York. Aside from work, he has helped as a teacher’s assistant at SVA for three years.

Selected Clients

Citi Bank
Liberty Mutual
Dos Equis




IBM Think Editorial
Every year IBM holds a big conference in Las Vegas called THINK. During the event they wanted to present a new premium editorial platform that could become the face of IBM’s information hub, and that of IBM’s new Duo branding.

Create a sophisticated editorial platform that represents the essence of the Duo branding & could be used both by internal IBM employees and outside audience.

I helped coming up with the initial visual design for one of three concepts, and after mine was chosen by the clients I helped out on the overall evolution of its design.


NetJets app
NetJets came to us and asked for a product that provides a truly enhanced digital experience for its owners. It was a revolutionary step for NetJets and for private jet businesses in general, since a lot of things were still run in a more traditional and old fashioned way.

Create an app that allows NetJets owners to view and book flights, through their personal device, as well as other service features that allows its users to have a luxurious experience.

Joining the project a few monthes after the kickoff, I helped out creating visual assets for the app alongside my design lead, and half way through I inherited the entire master files to be in charge.


NetJets infographic
Started out as a simple poster takeaway idea for our clients, NetJets Infographic evolved to become a digital infographic dashboard that would live in digital billboards in the NetJets Headquarters office in Ohio & airport terminals for marketing.

Create a beautiful digital dashboard, aligned with the new NetJets branding, that could tell many great history & facts about the NetJets company, and that could also live as a print piece.

I was in charge of the design from the beginning, including creating multiple iterations of the poster and the entire iconography & visuals, and then evolving it into a modular digital dashboard.


Almond Joy & Mounds website
Most of the Hershey’s sub-brand sites that the team worked on was visually very limiting because of UX templatization created by another agency hired by our clients. Despite the limitations, we were able to come up with some compelling visuals for the redesign.

Redesign the website for Almond Joy & Mounds that is visually stunning and brings out its branding to its fullest potential.

I was one of the 3 designers to come up with new design concepts. The clients were in love with my concept, and then on I helped out with applying that concept to the entire site experience


I was approached by three grad students from NYU (Music Business Program) towards the end of my senior year in college to help them design a music-based social app. While I was excited to have the first ever freelance project under my belt, I had no idea I was going to have a lesson of my lifetime.

Design an app that alllows users to create content with embedding their favorite EDM song and share it via social media that would later become a music social network of its own.

I was in charge of the entire design for the app from the beginning, from its look & feel to iconography. One of the grad students provided UX.